Community Garden Report – July 2014

We have had very little rain since the last report and as this is the first year we have grown crops we are still learning the micro climate of the garden.  Those who visit the garden from mid-morning to mid-afternoon know the garden can get very warm to hot causing the soil to dry out, but as soon as the direct sun has moved off the area it quickly becomes cool to cold, so we do need to continue to water every three or four days even though it’s now officially winter.

A reminder, when you water your own bed to also check the community beds to see if they need a drink.

Community Beds

Joy has picked several pumpkins and we will distribute them today at the working bee.  The Silverbeet  (Bed 27), Asian Greens (Bed 3), Chicory and Lettuce (Bed 4) are all ready for picking.  The Broad Beans (Beds 5 & 6) are doing well but their growth seems to have slowed a little.  Strawberries have been planted out in (Bed 12) and it won’t be long before they will be ready for picking.

Water Tank

The tank is now functional, however the water level is still low and I would suggest we don’t use it till it is almost full.  Joy will demonstrate how to operate it at the working bee later on today.

Council also getting a quote for another tap connected to the tank that will service the other end of the garden.

Annual Garden Inspection

Belinda and Petrina from Canada Bay Council did the 1st annual inspection last Wednesday and I think we can say that generally they seemed pleased with the progress.

A big thank you to all who have worked on the cleanup of the garden.  A cleaner, junk free environment makes a safer and more pleasing work place for us.

Let’s keep up the good work!